Classy Colours FAQ

Where do I find my colouring pages?
To access your Classy Colours pages check your email after purchase. You'll receive your first set of colouring pages at the time of purchase, and from then on you'll be emailed the new months colouring pages on the 1st of every month.

How do I download the colours pages?
Click on the link in the email you received, this will open a browser page. Click on the 'download now' button. The file should then be saved to your 'downloads' folder on your computer. 

What type of files do I receive?
You'll receive both .pdf files, for printing, and .png files, for colouring on your iPad.

What program can I use to colour on my iPad?
I use Procreate. You do have to pay for it (roughly $14) but it's totally worth it. They also have a version called Procreate Pocket to use on your iPhone ($7).

How to load files into Procreate:
Open the app and tap 'photo' or 'import'. Select the file you want to colour, be sure to import the .png file and not the .pdf. From the layer menu, add another layer and drag it under the Classy Colours page layer. Then you can colour on the bottom layer.

Can I send the files to my friends?
I ask that you please do not distribute the print files to anyone else. Thanks!

Can teachers use Classy Colours in the classroom?
Of course! Feel free to print the pages for your students.

How do I cancel my Classy Colours subscription?
To cancel your subscription you can log to your account in our store, click on the 'subscriptions' button and then click on 'cancel my subscription'. Or you can contact us and request a cancellation.